Smartlink introduces Trust-as-a-Service, providing a decentralized escrow payment system in line with the new economy and Web 3.0. Smartlink eliminates the risk, drastically reduces costs, and brings a new user experience for the next generation of payment processing and marketplaces.

The established solutions, including third-party escrow services and payment processing systems come with high commission structures, slow settlement mechanisms, and limited security. 

The Smartlink platform provides: 

  • Escrow service tool
  • Decentralized Exchange
  • Multi-currency payment processing (wrapped assets)
  • Milestone payments
  • Marketplace
  • Governance system
  • Open API for online marketplaces, service providers, and eCommerce platforms.

SMAK is a utility token used on the Smartlink platform built on the FA 1.2 standard. It inherits all the properties of the TZIP-7 standard, including a ledger that maps identities to token balances, providing an interface to interact with external contracts or accounts for user balance transfers. SMAK tokens allow users to benefit from a fee exemption on the Smartlink platform and other utilities such as fee exemption, rewards, staking and participating in on-chain governance.


Smartlink in socal platforms: