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Saddle is the easiest way to trade and earn with pegged value crypto assets, beginning with tokenized bitcoin.

Saddle is an automated market maker optimized for trading between pegged value crypto assets.

Saddle is launching with a tokenized bitcoin pool, our first step towards unlocking deep on-chain liquidity.

Saddle is powered by StableSwap, a state of the art algorithm built in Solidity for trading pegged value crypto assets. Our smart contracts have been audited by firms like OpenZeppelin, Quantstamp, and Certik.

Saddle is built by DeFi natives with years of prior experience at Web2 companies like Uber, Amazon, and Square. As regular DeFi users ourselves, we’ve seen firsthand how important an active and vibrant community is for a project’s success. We know Web2, but we know Web3 better.


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