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PolyDEX has several features that make it an attractive proposition.

Completely Gasless

PolyDEX does not charge any gas fees and creates a robust and sustainable ecosystem following best industry practices.


PolyDEX provides a user-friendly UI to provide an effortless and smooth transition into the crypto family.

Cross-Chain Swaps

Users can trade crypto assets between different blockchain platforms such as Polygon Ethereum and few more L1s.

Initial Farm Offerings (IFO)

Initial Farm Offerings can be used by partner projects to help them bootstrap the liquidity and further attract LPs.

One-Sided Liquidity

Users are not required to hold both sides of tokens in a pair.

Weekly Burns

PolyDEX uses a percentage of trading fees to burn CNT tokens every week. Weekly burns make the CNT token deflationary in nature.

Elastic Farming

Elastic farming is one of the innovative features of PolyDEX and Cryption Network.  It helps control the circulating supply without reducing the farm’s value.

High Fidelity with Cryption Network Products

PolyDEX will be the central contract through which all other Cryption Network products would be used to implement the Burn and Staking Reward functionality for CNT.


PolyDEX in socal platforms: