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Big Data Protocol tokenizes commercially valuable data through a network of 14,141 professional data providers and makes the data token liquid on Uniswap. Users earn data by providing liquidity to data tokens. The Protocol sources commercially valuable data, tokenizes it, and makes it liquid.

1. Source data from professional data providers

The Protocol enjoys access to 14,141 professional data providers.

2. Tokenize the data

The Protocol mints data tokens called bALPHA for the first collection of curated datasets. There are only 18000 bALPHA tokens.

3. Users farm the data token in the Data Vaults

Users earn the data token by providing liquidity in Uniswap to bALPHA and to BDP, the access token for the Protocol.

4. Users redeem data token for datasets in the Data Room

Burn 1 bALPHA to access the underlying datasets.


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