1inch Network

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The 1inch Network unites decentralized protocols whose synergy enables the most lucrative, fastest and protected operations in the DeFi space.

The initial protocol of the 1inch Network is a DEX aggregator solution that searches deals across multiple liquidity sources, offering users better rates than any individual exchange. This protocol incorporates the Pathfinder algorithm which finds the best paths among different markets over more than 49 liquidity sources on Ethereum and 12 liquidity sources on Binance Smart Chain. In less than two years the 1inch DEX aggregator surpassed $30B in overall volume.

The 1inch Aggregation Protocol facilitates cost-efficient and secure swap transactions across multiple liquidity sources.

The 1inch Liquidity Protocol is a next-generation automated market maker that protects users from front-running attacks and offers attractive opportunities to liquidity providers.


1inch Network in socal platforms: