Media (where you can win a Lamborghini for free !) just became lot more interesting

I've been a user of for years now. In the beginning for me, it was the thrill of playing the "Multiply BTC" game. You know, your run of the mill Hi-Lo game with a percentage for the house. I was very naive and believed strongly that with Martingale (look it up if you do not know what it is) and a large enough sum to start + the fact that you can bet very tiny amounts (1 satoshi) I was a sure winner... Wrong... As I found out with loss of BTC.. of course.

Since then I stayed away from the multiply BTC game, and just played my free rolls every chance I got (which is every hour). was also one of the first to offer you a guaranteed annual profit on your BTC, which is paid out daily (at a random time of course, else you could game the system...) So I started to do free rolls, (you als get free lottery tickets if you do that) and have daily interest on my BTC, essentially HODLing + extra satoshi's of faucet and interest + free lottery. Regarding the Lamborghini, you can win this (if you bet >0.005 BTC in a multiply or other bet), or you can buy tickets for that. They are actually doing this and are giving away their 3rd lambo...very nice.

But they are now upping up the ante... Since a month or so they entered in some sort cooperation with FUN token. If you buy FUN tokens at, and hold them there, you get extra chances every day to win satoshis, rolexes and iPhones, reward points and extra lottery tickets. Since started this new feature, the value of FUN tokens has soared. I also bought some FUN tokens and now every day I get a few extra free spins at the "wheel of fortune", which is always a nice free thrill every day with the off chance to win some extra satoshi, up to $15000 in BTC (the price of a Rolex).

One last word. Trust me or don't, but these guys have been there from the beginning. They are very transparent on how they earn their money (a lot of the BTC they earn is invested again in they own mining) and throughout the site they play "provably fair". Look up reviews if you want, they are the real deal. So do yourself a favor and have the thrill of winning some BTC every hour. Signup at, it does not cost you anything. (and of course I get a little referral commission :) 

Hope I inspired you !