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Youves is a new DeFi (Decentralized Finance) platform that is built on Tezos  Youves is built by Ubinetic, a company that also created the Tezos-based Ubinetic oracles, which can provide trustless data to Tezos-based smart contracts.The company Ubinetic consists of a Swiss-based multi-talented group of experts. 

Youves is decentralized, non-custodial and works towards a fully self-governed DeFi platform.

The first three uses-cases that will be deployed on Youves are minting, saving and staking:

– On Youves will be able to mint assets with your XTZ as collateral. At a later stage you will also be able to use other Tezos-based tokens as collateral. The first available asset will be a stable coin called uUSD, with a soft-peg to the USD dollar.

– On Youves you will be able to save and earn interest. The first savings solution that Youves will offer is for users to hold uUSD and earn fees in savings contracts.

– On Youves you will be able to stake: earn, hold and stake YOU tokens to get a cut of the platform’s revenue in the form of staking rewards in uUSD.


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