SpicySwap is a next-generation DEX built by Genius Contracts specifically for token-to-token swaps on Tezos. SpicySwap is governed by SalsaDAO ($sDAO), which is the governance entity for the wider suite of Genius Contracts platforms and products. The SpicySwap protocol is inspired by the Uniswap V2 general framework, but the contracts have been rewritten from the ground up to be compatible with Tezos. The contract code review was completed by Functori, a Tezos-focused development company.

The core features of SpicySwap are swapping, providing liquidity, and Spice Farming. Spice Farming is a protocol-level feature that allow users to take a 0.1% fee from each swap in their chosen pool. Liquidity providers take a 0.2% fee from each swap, amounting to 0.3% total fee for swapping.

The SpicySwap protocol also contains advanced features for developers. SpicySwap allows for Flash Loans and Flash Swaps, enabled via optimistic transactions. Additionally, each pair can be used as a decentralized price oracle for low-level contract integrations. This time-weighted price is manipulation-resistant and will open up complex DeFi interactions, built on SpicySwap.


SpicySwap in socal platforms: