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Mushrooms Finance, yet another crypto earning vault with focus on seeking sustainable profit in DeFi universe. 🎉🎉🎉

Mushrooms Finance adopts a fair distribution mechanism and healthy tokenomics from Day 1.

  • No private sale or VC
  • No pre-mining
  • No public sale or IEO or airdrop
  • Governance token buy-back and distribute instead of burning
  • Encourage participation in Mushrooms ecosystem

We create the first version of Mushrooms Finance smart contracts out of inspiration from popular DeFi projects like Yearn Finance (YFI), Pickle Finance and Sushiswap among many others.

⚠️But again, all smart contracts at this moment are not formally audited yet, so please bear the risk in mind and use with care also DYOR before putting serious amount of crypto asset.⚠️

Anyway, time to let us indulge ourselves a little bit in the Mushrooms.

Shroom High!!✌️


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