Lydian DAO


Lydian is an active treasury management protocol on Stacks that uses the best techniques DeFi has to offer, such as protocol-owned-liquidity, staking and bonding. Members will see their share of the treasury rise in value as the treasury is deployed in farming strategies.

Lydian gathers funds in the treasury by means of lucrative bond offerings in exchange for our LDN token. The LDN token represents a share of the treasury that is ever-growing due to it being actively managed in yield farms across the Stacks ecosystem by and for Lydian’s members. In short, members will benefit from the growth of the treasury thanks to the active management of the treasury in all the best protocols Stacks has to offer.

Lydian’s members form a DAO or Guild which collectively decides on the future of the protocol. This governance system decides on both the protocol’s parameters, but also decides on treasury farming strategies.


Lydian DAO in socal platforms: