Leofinance, the parent of Cubfinance, is an Established Project with a 2 Year Track Record of Building Blockchain-Based Applications. DeFi Yield Farming apps are a dime a dozen these days. Cub Finance is different because it is built as a branch of our LeoFi organization underneath the LeoFinance project.

The goal of Cub Finance is to adopt and build DeFi-based smart contracts for the entire LeoFinance project. Through BEP20 LEO (bLEO), CUB and the adoption of existing use cases in the space, we're using the basic starting point of the Cub Finance yield platform to build a new generation of DeFi apps to expand and service our community of thousands of MAUs.

 LeoFinance started as a platform for crypto and finance content creators. Our flagship application - - connects the community on a web3 social media platform. Think of it as being similar to the popular Web2 blogging application "Medium" but on the blockchain.


Cubfinance in socal platforms: