Cross Mint on polygon

Cross Mint is a multi-chain 721/1155 NFT minter that allows creators and hobbyists to mint out their creations on Binance Smart Chain #BSC, Polygon #MATIC, and Ethereum #ETH all from a unified interface.

🔥 What makes this so interesting to us as an infrastructure project is that the NFT minter itself is designed with various components in mind which we will of course document quite extensively next week. This includes:

1. Creators having the full ability to take their NFTs to other platforms easily;

2. The Hot Cross platform benefiting from wide adoption via a fee structure in the mint;

3. Support for 3 chains and 2 NFT standards from Day 1;

4. No reliance on a view layer to perform beautifully;

5. Support for images, GIFs, audio, and video;

6. And a clear road to an SDK and API that other parties can integrate into their own products.

🦺 And is this safe? Absolutely. Cross Mint itself has undergone audits from some of the best firms in the industry including SlowMist, Beosin, and Omniscia.


Cross Mint in socal platforms: