Welcome, we're glad you found us! CityCoins are powered by Stacks, a blockchain that enables smart contracts on the Bitcoin network.

CityCoins have four main features: Activation, Mining, Stacking, and Programming.

  • Activation: CityCoins only exist through mining, which does not begin until 20 independent wallets signal activation after the contract is deployed. No ICO, no pre-sale, no pre-mine.
  • Mining: Anyone can mine CityCoins by submitting STX into a CityCoins smart contract on the Stacks blockchain. 30% of the STX that miners forward is sent directly to a reserved wallet for the city.
  • Stacking: Anyone can Stack CityCoins by locking them in a CityCoins smart contract for selected reward cycles, and receive a portion of the remaining 70% of the STX sent by miners.
  • Programming: using Clarity, the language that powers smart contracts on Stacks, CityCoins open up endless possibilities for utility, including new opportunities for developers, entrepreneurs, residents, and more.


CityCoins in socal platforms: