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Bastion is a lending and stableswap protocol built on Aurora, NEAR’s EVM-compatible layer. Building on Aurora enables Bastion to create an autonomous interest-rate engine with superior capital efficiency, low slippage swaps, fast transactions, ultra-low fees, precise liquidations, and harness the underlying UX benefits of NEAR.

It is the largest protocol on NEAR with over $1.5 billion TVL.

Bastion innovates: almost all lending protocols on Aurora are identical Compound forks. Bastion has much more. The project innovates with novel features such as: isolated markets, interest rate swaps, increased receipt token utility, veTokens, gauges, and boosters.

Bastion represents a safe fortification of assets: our lockdrop code has been reviewed by top auditors. Please find the reports from Quantstamp (here) and Sentnl (here). We are constantly engaging in a long-term partnership with Halborn, a leading blockchain security firm, to optimize the security of the protocol (here).

Bastion inspires and leads ecosystem growth: if you are looking to build in the ecosystem, please contact us for help . Aurora DeFi will be what we make it. It is up to us, the community and builders, to grow this ecosystem.

Bastion unlocks the ability to:

  • Supply assets to earn interest
  • Put assets up for collateral
  • Borrow assets
  • Leverage long (using borrow)
  • Short assets (using borrow)


Bastion in socal platforms: