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Autofarm is a leading DeFi yield aggregator on BSC, HECO, Polygon & Avalanche, that has 3 products as part of the Autofarm ecosystem, namely Vaults (yield optimizer), AutoSwap (DEX Aggregator), and farmfolio. The yield optimizer implements the most optimal strategies at the lowest cost to maximize users' yields and AutoSwap implements optimizations to route users swap trades so that users can find the best price and swap rates. Lastly, farmfolio is an intelligent portfolio manager and tracker which helps users manage their assets across various DeFi farming projects.

The AUTO token is the platform's native token with a max supply of 80,000 with no pre-sale nor pre-farm. Tokenomics are deflationary and AUTO holders get to benefit from fees from cross-chain vaults, DEX aggregator, and the token will also be used for governance. Distribution ends in approximately October 2021.


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