1Beam is building a decentralised application ecosystem on the Moonbeam Ecosystem.   Our main product is the 1Beam stableDEX, a decentralized stablecoin exchange, which allows users to efficiently swap stablecoins and pegged assets at just 0.04% swap fee and close to zero slippage

Liquidity Providers can earn by supplying capital to the underlying liquidity pools. Liquidity Providers earn 1Beam token ($1BEAM) incentives by farming LP tokens or by staking tokens.

1Beam is an automated-market-maker (AMM) type of decentralised exchanged for swapping between stablecoins at the best swap rates (tiny slippage) and lowest fees on Moonbeam! Even more exciting, as to our best knowledge, we are the first stableswap on Moonbeam.

✔ Only 0.04% swap fee > 100% of the swap fee will be distributed as USDC to 1BEAM stakers and lockers > very low fees compared to 0.25% on other Moonbeam DEX-es


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