YLA Aping Guide

YLA Liquidity Mining = Ultimate farm.

Good article to get you started with Indexes:

First Step:

Use ZAP to mint YLA with USDC at ultra-low gas fees ($20-$30 total) ??


1) You need to approve or Infinity approve, this will give permission to our smart-contract to interact with your tokens. 

2) Press Supply


Provide liquidity with YLA-USDC on SushiSwap with almost zero Impairment Loss (IL).Why does zero matter?YLA is based on a basket of stablecoins backed yVaults.Price always increases 15%-30% APY, compounded ?


After this, you will get SLP tokens, each worth millions of dollars, so you expected to get a fraction of a token.

Third: Stake your YLA-USDC SLP tokens to earn

1) You can stake your $SUSHI with onsen program to earn around 15%-20% APY.


Better Option: $CVP Boost programm at

Stake your SLP tokens plus $CVP to earn more $CVP, at 100%-150% APY.

No brainer, you use two appreciating assets to farm more $CVP.

Zero financial risks farm ??

Go to the link above and press "Deposit", you will see the following:


Now you need to approve/Infinity approve both your tokens SLP & CVP.

Pay attention to the hint "To get maximum boost, you need to deposit X CVP more.

You can see your CVP reward updated dynamically when you change parameters.


Final: Profit ????????


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