Pump him, dump you!


Pump him, dump you!

         I was born as a "poor dad", trying with all my power to be the "rich dad".


I see the crypto subject different from others. Why? Because sometimes I think that I am not prepared to be a millionare from this. Not like not deserving it, but more like I don't want to go crazy when this happens. I am a very hard-working type of person and I was raised by "poor dad" type of parents. For my parents, the idea of crypto and making easy money online was a bug, a scam, almost illegal, go study veterinary, do this, take that into consideration. Even with the money I my hands, sometimes this still feels illegal.

Today I will present you a type of scam I was part in. 

We all know the: "The today pump coin is XYZ, go go go!!"


You will ask where is the scam. We all know that type of " x1000 signals" group on Telegram, on Discord or all over the internet. 

Apparently, I am the only one to loose everytime? No! It is me, you and at least 50% of us!


Why? There is no perfect time to buy for you!



There is no perfect time to buy!


The idea with the pump could but better stay away be profitable. But not as you expected. The only 100% win rate is for the owner of the pump group. He was investing money even months before the actual pump. So, stay away from this pumps or be dumped.


I am not saying that pump and dumps are not profitable, but for an unexpirienced, you could loose all your portfolio.

Let me tell you the non-millionare mentality! ...


First time in a crypto pump group. Saw that "x2 quick, today and only today!". Thought that this is it, I am finally rich!!!

It is a long story behind my first pump and dump profit which was exactly -600$ , out of 1000$! I have lost more than 50% of my "pump budget".

What was on my mind? "It is not possible, you can't get rich, you don't even know crypto! Taxes? What my parents will say? But I am actually rich ... more or less ..."

Today, after not a long time I feel proud that I have learnt a lot. I was with an old friend, that "pump and dumb" type of person. He was smoking on a bench near a block of flats talking with another guy: " 1000$, two or three pumps, 1,000$, 10,000$, 100,000$ and then 1,000,000$, it is not that hard".

I was not surpised ... still not a millionare!

Sometimes, it is better to stay with us, down here, not with your mind in a private jet. The "poor dad" mentality is not that bad ocasionally, right?




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