Bitget Fiat Business Launched: Now Users Can Buying Cryptos Paying with Fiat

On April 13, 2021(UTC 8), Bitcoin, a derivatives exchange, announced that it was officially launched for users to directly purchase cryptos such as BTC with fiat.

Bitget, a derivatives exchange, announced that it had officially launched buying cryptos by fiat on April 13, 2021(UTC+8), it offers users the possibility to directly buy cryptos such as BTC and ETH with fiat. Additionally to a growing number of institutional investors, more and more retail investors are paying attention to the crypto market.

Recently, on the eve of Coinbase‘s listing on Nasdaq, Bitcoin once again hit a record high, reaching $63,000. BitcoinGet, as a leading crypto service provider, always places importance on the user's interests and strives to offer their users greater convenience. The way users enter the crypto market is by purchasing cryptocurrency with fiat. COINBASE has introduced Moonpay and Mercuryo, two exchange service providers that will support debit and credit cards, to provide comprehensive transaction services.

, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and other channels to purchase crypto products to meet the diverse requirements of users. With Bitget, users can easily purchase 9 popular cryptos, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, LTC, etc. The platform supports 42 fiat currencies, including EURO, KRW, JPY, USD, VND, TWD and more. The Bitget website indicates that it is actively growing its crypto exchange business and plans to launch an integrated service that enables the exchange of virtual currency for fiat in the first half of this year.

Bitget believes that providing users with bilateral exchange services between fiat and cryptocurrencies can deliver a more satisfying experience. At present, there are not many CFD exchanges that provide fiat services, which definitely raises the barrier for investors to enter the crypto market. Moreover, it also allows for more crypto investors to limit transactions between cryptos or stable currency transactions. Currently, Bitget is the world’s fifth-largest derivatives exchange, providing trading services to over 1 million users worldwide. Users of Bitget will be able to purchase cryptos anytime, to buy or sell between prices. It is understood that MoonPay is a financial service provider that provides worldwide payment solutions relating to cryptocurrencies.

Currently, users in 160 countries use the platform to buy and sell cryptocurrency services. Mercuryo provides a European currency payment solution. PCI and DSS information security standards are implemented for users to offer encrypted currency payment solutions. Currently, it offers services on a variety of top platforms. Security is the most concern for users.

Many people out of the crypto market who are on the sidelines of the transfer of cash from credit cards to exchanges will be worried about the security of assets and whereabouts. Bitget chooses two authoritative cryptocurrency trading platforms to make crypto purchases more straightforward and easy. The bridge between us and users is the services. Adding Fiat to our service system makes the transaction process more efficient.” Bitget CEO Sandra said, “The fiat support will also allow the crypto industry to expand on customers, and we look forward to accelerating the applications of cryptos at a larger scale.”ABOUT BitgetFounded in 2018, Bitget is a global derivatives exchange.

Ranked among the top 5 derivatives exchanges on the CoinMarketCap network. Bitcoins are currently supported by Bitget's USDT margined contract, Coin margined contract, and Quanto Swap contract. Over 4,500 traders have joined the One Click to Copy Trade product since its launch in May 2020.

upcoming Bitcoin News, Cryptocurrency News, News Author Andy WatsonCheck out the latest Coinspeaker news, expert opinion, and industry insights by our contributors. The following is a list which includes a short description of the course. On April 13, 2021(UTC 8), Bitcoin, EPC and Litecoin were officially available for purchase through Bitget's market. Bitget, a derivatives exchange, announced it had launched the market for buying cryptos with fiat together.

About Bitget

Founded in 2018, Bitget is a global derivatives exchange. Retail investors along with a growing number of institutions are also focusing on the crypto market. In recent years, crypto is a booming industry, with endless possibilities. Providing a crypto service platform, Bitget always prioritizes the user-first principle by creating more convenient transactions for its customers.

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