Analysis of prices BTC, ETH, XRP (15.10.20)

Yesterday, in the morning, the bitcoin price consolidated in a narrowing sideways range at the 50% fibo level (11394.15 USD).

In the afternoon, the consolidation range widened slightly and sellers pierced the 2-hour EMA55, but the moving average managed to keep the pair in consolidation until the end of the day. Sales volumes decreased overnight and the pair's volatility decreased.

We believe that today the consolidation will continue, and the bears' efforts will be limited to the support of 11200.00 USD.


Yesterday afternoon, the volume of ether sales increased slightly and the bears tried to knock the pair out of the sideways range, which was located at the level of 380.00 USD. However, the two-hour EMA55 stopped the weak onslaught of sellers and returned the ETH price to the 380.00 USD mark.

If the bearish sentiment intensifies today, the price will drop to the support of 360.00 USD, but buyers will try to keep the pair in the mid-range.


Yesterday morning, the bears pushed through the support of the orange trendline and pushed the pair below the average price level. The 0.250 USD support failed to stop the onslaught of sellers, and this morning the XRP price marked a minimum at 0.246 USD.

If today buyers cannot resist the bears' efforts, the price will reach the POC line (0.244 USD), after which the decline may slow down.

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