Prospects for gold, bitcoin and the USA. Digital Gold

Mixed feelings overwhelm me about Donald Trump. Whatever his weaknesses, the people who control the Democratic Party are far more dangerous. Among other things, they outrageously stole the US elections.

The political situation guarantees chaos because the “reds” and “blues” hate each other, so I already spoke about the possibility of civil war in a few years. Either war or the collapse of the United States. Or a police state to keep the lid on a political pan.

For the economy, it is not very important who will take the presidency. The Great Depression is already programmed and inevitable. The creation of trillions of currency units will only make matters worse. With the possible short-term exception to the stock market as people are looking for a place where they can park their spare dollars. An escalation of violence in the country cannot be ruled out. 1920s Germany or cyclical Latin America will seem like good models of the state to many.

Democrats in power will present many new programs and departments for their implementation. The changes will be much more radical than Roosevelt's New Deal and Johnson's Great Society. You will finance this with unlimited money in the world of modern monetary theory. The US will be rebuilt and America will cease to exist. This is very serious. The effects of the Great Depression will go far beyond a simple decline in overall living standards.




The virus itself is what we might call a first-order effect. I don’t want to spend too much time talking about the virus, because the information was highly politicized and in many ways extremely unreliable. Suffice it to say that even the worst figures for Covid-19 are no match for the 1918-1919 Spanish flu, which was trivial from a political, economic, social or cultural point of view.

Second-order consequences — for example, an economy paralyzed by hysteria — are much more serious. However, the consequences of the third-order — new laws and government measures — will have the most far-reaching consequences.

Governments around the world have introduced new laws and regulations regarding travel, exercise and business in general. They found incredibly effective new means of exercising new power over their complacent subjects. These things will have to pay not only with higher taxes but also with a huge amount of printed money from the central banks. At this time, the economies of many countries will go bankrupt. With so many people out of savings and living paycheck to paycheck, this is probably the perfect excuse to introduce a guaranteed annual income. People have already prepared for this ridiculous idea.


Gold and Bitcoin


Gold and Bitcoin are very similar assets in many ways. Both have all the characteristics of hard money — unlike any paper currency in the world. Besides, they cannot be “inflated” — the amount that can be increased every year is negligible in comparison with the existing amount.

As for gold, its production at the deposits increases the existing 6 million ounces by approximately 1.3% per year. In the case of Bitcoin, its supply is limited to 21 million coins.

Even institutional investors are starting to buy bitcoins. As governments around the world create trillions of fiat money, people seek protection for their savings. The main beneficiaries will be gold, silver and some commodities, as well as bitcoin. Even if Bitcoin currently looks like a bubble with a market share of over $700 billion, that's relatively small compared to other asset classes. I have been optimistic about this cryptocurrency since July 2017. Its price will continue to rise, and the $100,000 value is just a matter of time.


Digital dollar


The US government is likely to introduce FedCoin as soon as possible. This could happen as early as 2021. The Chinese are already moving towards digital currency. I will try to avoid FedCoin. No pluses, only minuses for citizens. Digital currencies place your income, assets and privacy directly under government control.


Digital Gold


But there are other players in this market as well. For example, Digital Gold. The project chose a universal model. Where a token or 1 coin equates to 1 gram of the purest gold. Thus, this coin is both a cryptocurrency asset and at the same time a gold asset. The benefits of this asset cannot be denied! Digital Gold can act by investing in gold, or it can be used for trading in a cryptocurrency environment. I make your investment portfolio more resistant to the situation in the gold and cryptocurrency market. Versatility is what this market needs today.



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