A New Store of Value?

"The institutions" are said to have found themselves a new toy! "The institutions" are said to consider Ethereum as yet another "store of value"!

WTF? What's wrong with BTC now? Why hadn't ETH been a "store of value" until it hit a new ATH? Does it mean that now we have two stores of value? Or maybe even more than two? Let's call every pumping shitcoin a new "store of value" then... Actually, the new "store of value" raises pretty much the same old questions as the previous "store".

Anyway, why "the institutions" suddenly discovered Ethereum? I think,

1st, because ETH is the Second. First Bitcoin, then Ethereum.

2nd, because ETH wasn't pumped so hard as BTC during the last BTC pump, the big ETH pump came when BTC was already off its peak.

3rd, ETH has some actual "use-case" (the real usefulness of this "use-case" is another story). ETH doesn't simply sit deadweight on an account.

Well, whatever, nevermind. Let it be ETH, why not? I just wonder what coin will be the next "store of value".

Strangely, today there's much less talk about the upcoming shortage in BTC supply...



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Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels