Why did Crypto drop? Profits? No big deal, just Hodl.

Imagine having the Buying power to buy 100,s - 100's of crypto.  What would you do with all that money on the Crypto Market?Was there some Anomaly that happened which triggered the Sell Off?  Profit taking to the masses? 

For the past few years I have witnessed Bitcoin and Crypto always growing high during the Holiday times and a sell-off happens around this time.  Maybe too many people bored when visiting family for the holidays and have time to play around on the internet and keep seeing news about crypto and all the people who got rich off it.  Who doesn't want financial freedom?  I want to be in the 1%.  The people who run the corporations also are in charge of how much money "Normal" Americans make.  They hold and control all the money in the US.  Sorry, I am not trying to get political on this, I hate talking about all that.

Grayscale, JP Morgan and other big institutions are getting more volume in the Crypto world and that's good news for us Little people.  Learn to exploit it and turn the tides of Wall Street and beat them at their own game with a little bit of a twist! Lol..  There are no balance sheets, etc.. It's all in the imagination, which Wall Street lacks.  They are set in their old ways, trading with their friends and ripping people off, living off Adderall and Viagra.  That implies to females the females as well. They are still partying like it's 1989, no wonder they elected a person who knows how to rip people off, someone they can relate to.

 Sorry, getting off subject again. So, Just because of the sell off and all the news going crazy isn't a reason to turn your back on Crypto.  With A.I. growing and Autonomous projects on the raise.  Having blockchains, crypto makes absolute sense that crypto is always going to be a growing asset.  Some people argue that Bitcoin will be the new currency.  NO!  It will become and has become "A NEW type of currency".  Staying on top of Crypto takes so much studying.  Top gainers of Crypto need to study crypto, stock markets, governance, world economy, technology.  Read about countries that don't have money, where people can't get a dollar from the bank because there is no cash left. Crypto is here to stay, and becoming more mobile than ever. 


Another Good Platform to have in your arsenal.  I like to have several platforms, they all have their different uses for different applications.

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  Have you ever tried to explain Crypto to your parents, friends, or anyone?  LoL.  They just stare at you like you’re a Psycho and seem afraid of you.  Lol.  I gave up on talking about Crypto to people I know or anyone.  Every time I catch myself talking about crypto to anyone, I have to stop myself immediately.   They won't understand, can't understand.  It takes years to learn about crypto, blockchain, dApps, staking, etc..


Maybe that's why I have fallen in love on blogging about it here.  People are understanding and don't judge me here.  I was scared at first and figured no one would understand me.  Thanks for being nice.


I might have to start posting more than 1-2 posts a day whenever I find NEWS, ideas about crypto.  Also I like to post about some of my journeys of learning about this crazy Crypto world. Sometimes when I read your posts it reminds me of the times I had studying about it, where I got lost but never gave up.  I am still learning, there is no end to studying crypto, it's an ongoing process just like all technology.  I've been there, I know how it feels.  You get sucked in until your brain can't function anymore.  Eventually it will all come together like one big puzzle.  The Greatest Puzzle game on Earth.  Unlike The Stock market which is just The Greatest Game on earth.  I will have to come back to this conversation.  There is no way to squeeze all the information into just one book, let alone a blog.  You pretty much need a Doctorate Degree to really understand crypto. I don't mean going to a fancy school to learn about it.  Crypto can't be taught, it can only be learned.  You have to understand it, live it, spend days and nights reading, and studying crypto.  Only way to understand crypto is learn it at your own pace and start where you feel comfortable.  Although college's are starting courses on the subject.  I can't see myself in a Classroom trying to understand someone teaching it. Way to many moving parts to it, only you can teach yourself, different strokes for different folks.  You can't have a room of Crypto maniacs trying to learn from one person. LoL.. Everyone would just come out more confused.  Too much controversy and everyone has their own way of explaining it and understanding it. 



I always say I never talk about politics and religion!  You believe in what you believe in and I respect that.  I might have to add crypto to the list. Writing about it is one thing, talking to people about it is a $hittt show..


Getting off subject here.  Sorry about that.  Amway's, thank you for reading and leaving comments.  Yall make me a better writer and give me more confidence about the subject.  Sometimes people need that feeling to re-boot their excitement about the subject. 


Also, I might try to do another Stocks vs. Crypto match up of the week.  Seems like some people liked it.


Happy Crypto hunting,  as always…

Love  xox,


Lilly V



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