UltraNote Infinity XUNI - Anonymous & Untraceable Blockchain Cryptonight Conceal Coin


UltraNote Infinity XUNI Anonymous Blockchain Project


Cryptocurrencies have gained popularity due to several factors, including privacy and anonymity.Various services provide users with ways to hide their identities while at the same time concealing their transactions.Amid mounting concerns about the anonymity of early cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, users are searching for new options.

UltraNote is much more than a Privacycoin, it is a lifestyle facilitator and a growing value storage solution.UltraNote ecosystem has been developed on top of cutting-edge Blockchain technology, focusing on virtually non-challengeable secure transactions.As a true privacy platform using peer-to-peer encryption, what you do on UltraNote will always be your personal affairs.This is 100% confidential, anonymous and untraceable.On UltraNote anyone, anywhere and at any time, can execute instant borderless private fund transfers, send encrypted instant messages with SHA-2048 encrypted files via the IPFS Protocol and deposit coins for 3% interest per year.

Ultranote Blockchain Privacy Anonymous Coin

Providing Instant & Untraceable Anonymous P2P Payments.

Payments by Invoice using a QR Code, which is anonymous and untraceable.

P2P Blockchain Encrypted Messages that are A and U and Self Destructing.

* Anonymous & Untraceable SHA 2048 Encrypted Documents & Files via the Decentralized IPFS Protocol.

3% annual interest for Blockchain Fixed Deposit at a Bank.

* Use anonymous and untraceable search engines.

Surf completely anonymously on the Tor Network.

* Mine UltraNote Infinity Coins direclty from Wallets.

There are 3 ways to get UltraNote Coins:

1. Mining GPU or CPU (Asic Resistant)

2. Buying from Miners on Exchanges

3.You will be rewarded for securing the blockchain with the New UltraNote Coins if you deposit coins on it.Same as a Fixed Bank Deposit you will receive 3% interest per year payable as early as monthly terms 0.25% per month.

UltraNote Infinity Specifications:

Name: UltraNote  Infinity

Ticker: XUNI

Max supply: 21 Million

Premine: 5K blocks

Mining Rewards: 5 XUNI/ block-Increases by .40 XUNI/ Month until 10XUNI/ Block

Mining:  7-8 years

Block target: 2 minutes

Maturity Time: 10 Blocks

Blockchain Deposit Interest Rate: 3% per Year (264,000 Blocks)

Deposit Term Interest: 0.25% / month & Up to 3% / Year

Transactions per Seconds: 400+ Scalable  

Blockchain: CryptoNote v.2

Mining Algo : CryptoNight Conceal

Mining Specifications: CPU Wallet Integrated Mining & GPU Efficient (ASIC Resistant)

TX Fee: 0.001 XUNI

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