To anyone who has Electroneum and plays Splinterlands!!

So I was one of the few (or many) who was "mining" Electroneum via the mobile app last year. It was a great way to support the token and earn a little rewards for doing absolutely nothing.

For the last year though I have had no idea what to do with the Electroneum I had saved up. They previously changed the way you earn ETN and so I no longer was earning it and to me the 380 ETN I had wasn't worth a worth a whole lot. It wasn't until today that I was just checking to see if buying Splinter lands packs got cheaper (ETH gas fees). It was at that point where I noticed this bad boy..

So 1 untamed pack costs 266 ETN (give or take). I only had enough ETN for 1 pack. You have to send it to a specific address with a specific payment ID but it works. The one thing to note is that SPLINTERLANDS requires you to send at least a certain amount of ETN, down to the 5th decimal place. Electroneum app will only let you send ETN down to the 2nd decimal place. So you will have to send a TINY bit more than required.

One thing to note though is that Electroneum takes forever to send. I finally got it to confirm and receive my 2,000 coins after about 30 minutes.

If any of you have extra Electroneum laying around that you don't know what to do with, I would suggest spending it on Splinterlands!