Reserve Rights to be Listed on Coinbase? $AKRO and $FXC Catch a Bid. OriginTrail is Under the Radar

Reserve Rights (RSR) has been showing some interesting price movements the past couple of days, seemingly boosted by its recent integration with Curve Finance. But could a bigger integration be brewing in the background? Coinbase has previously identified RSR as a token they exchange was looking at for a possible listing, and coins that have been listed in the past have shown similar price movements in the days leading to their listing. This is purely speculation, but I thought worthy of note.

Akropolis ($AKRO) has also been performing well in an otherwise sideways trading market, so keep an eye on any major upcoming developments. Flexacoin (FXC) is further along in its transition to fully implementing the AMP token and its price has shown some wild swings as of late but now looks to be back on the uptrend.

OriginTrail ($TRAC) has quietly continued to build and expand its reach, and I feel that it is a high-value project that is currently flying under the radar. Don't sleep too long on this gem.