Let's talk about Mainframe (MFT)


Today I will briefly try to present a project that caught my attention some time ago, but then there was no hype about it and generally there was little interest in it, so I sold it with a slight profit and forgot about it. Until the present times have finally come and more and more often I hear the name of this project from the computer screen - could it be the beginning of Hype ?????

But now let's get a little closer to this project;)

According to all three sites I checked (coinpaprika, coingecko and coinmarketcap) the market capitalization is between $ 30-40 million. What puts this project depending on which side in the third or fourth hundred in terms of marketCap. And now the main question is, is a project with such a market cap still a gem or not? Looking at the price and the fact that the project has yet to release its project, in my opinion it is still a gem :), which earned over 200% in a year. However, when comparing such a result to Evedo (EVED), which made over 1200% in a year with a much lower market capitalization.

Let's move on to the token itself and talk about its usefulness, or actually plans for this token.

At the beginning, this token was to be associated with the messanger and e-mail box, while in 2018 the company turned to DeFi and now we are waiting for their application. Here is a short video for what application we are actually waiting for -

I find an interesting idea and looking at the recent successes of Celsius who lends cryptocurrencies deposited with him to institutions, maybe such an application for individual users will also be successful :). In my opinion, everything in this case depends on two things - the first, what will be the usefulness of the token? Are we going to go to Celsius here and for having a token we will have a larger% as a lender and a smaller% as a borrower? The second is whether the application will catch the social Hype we talk about so often. In Poland, some time ago I saw that Kamil Jarzombek talked about this project, recently he also mentioned something about it several times. As well as Andrzej from YouTube's "Daily dose of discomfort" already talked about this project and recorded a long film in Polish analyzing the Mainframe. The project is already available on several exchanges, in pairs for various coins.


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Finally, a video from 22/12/2020 with the conclusions after the audit that Quantstamp did for them 

I have already made my first purchases and now I will be much more patient. For me, the two biggest advantages of this project are its price and the fact that the application will soon be available to users - in one of the YouTube videos on their official channel, we even hear that it will be January.

Write in the comments. Have you heard about this project, or maybe you already have it in your wallets;) ??

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