Crypto Market Drops 20% - How Strong Will You Be?

After a week of pumping, the entire crypto market finally took a big correction, dropping 20% over the past day. Bitcoin dropped to 31k before rebounding back to 35k.

For anyone who has been in crypto for a while, this volatility is nothing new. Crypto is the most volatile asset there is by far. Take a look at this data from the Dow Jones comparing Crypto to the S&P 500 and Gold.

Bitcoin has seen 20% price changes 47 times since July 2010, an unprecedented number, but nothing that us crypto enthusiasts are surprised out. Given the high chance that future corrections will come in the next few weeks, my question is: How strong will you be?

Will you continue to HODL or Panic Sell?

During these times of high volatility, the true crypto enthusiasts separate themselves from the retail norms. We HODL, while they panic and sell at a loss.