CC159 - Flash Loans With the Vigorous DeFi Tool Furucombo

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00:00 Introduction

00:56 What is flash loans by Aave

02:17 What is Furucombo

03:08 Flashloan combo tutorial

09:24 Beginner's guide to using Furocombo

10:25 Furucombo DAPP

11:04 Explore section of Furocombo DAPP

13:16 Combo section of Furocombon DAPP

13:52 Flash loan example 1

14:52 Flash loan example 2

15:50 Flash loan example 3


I love finance and especially when I learn something new that stimulates my brain to dig deeper into the subject.

You can now borrow money with no collateral, but you need to be back on the loan in one transaction.

The concept is called flash loan.

What's covered in this video

I introduce what is a flash loan from AAVE. Then I explain the powerful DeFi tool of Furucombo where you can automate a lot of things in one transaction.

Now you can create complex flash loan combos with this tool.

Last word

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