what happened to the gpu



Today I achieved a goal, I finally have the money to buy a graphics card for my computer In July of last year I sold my GeForce RTX 2060 in the hopes of making more money in December and buy a powerful new GeForce RTX 3090.
To my bad luck in December I didn't have enough money so I had to wait until today, and what a surprise the cards cost up to double what they cost in December. I am in Mexico, the price seems exaggerated when in December it was a reasonable price. Make a search in different stores and how they can be too high prices.
Another big problem is that there is inventory in very few stores in Mexico and if I order it from the United States of America the tax they charge in due process raises their price even more.
My only option would be japan .... yes japan, in amazon japan the price is the same as a month ago They have inventory but I have never ordered from Japan and I don't know if free-border payments apply.
My last option would be to wait for the price to drop and inventory to restock, but from what I've done my research that won't be soon for the following reasons:
* quarantine
* lack of chips on the market
* bitcoin mining
So the best thing I can do is wait and see if I find a used 2060 uper that they sell me at a good price. postscript: I shouldn't have sold my 2060.


In the images you can see that the price does not drop below 2000 dll.






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