How to setup rig for mining

Nowadays cryptocurrency mining get's popularity all over the world. But mining rig setup a great fact for mining. Mining rig setup is the first step for mining. If this step is wrong like failed to choose the correct graphics card then, your mining profit will be decreased. So I will guide you in this post.

Firstly, You need to choose a motherboard and processor. I think the processor cannot many changes for mining. So, You can use croy 3 or 5 for the mining processor. But croy 3 is better. Because you only mine cryptocurrency by the graphics card. So graphics card is the main power of cryptocurrency mining.

Secondly, Choose your graphics card for mining profit. This is the main step. If you do anything wrong you cannot profit correctly. So I am telling go to any bitcoin miner or contact with him for choosing the right graphics card for your budget.

Finally, You need to set up your mining rig with all of the parts. If you can then this is alright. But you cannot do that then, come to any miner rig setup and let's start with mining. Have fun with these steps.

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