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Good morning to everyone here on Steemit! Today, what I will talk about is "Not your typical crypto ICO project" or "Typical crypto imaginary product innovation" and not delivering what it's supposed to do. Trust me guys, I did research and read their white paper and how things work and all I could say was their products are realistic, doable, secure-wise, and sustainable. Compared to those projects that are springing every day in the crypto space.

What I am excited to talk to you about is The DAO Maker project. In a nutshell and in my own understanding, they are a one-stop-shop or one-stop hub for boosting the publicity of any project that needs to be known in the crypto space or have support in the fundraising. If you would go ahead and check The DAO Maker's website here: The DAO Maker

You will see wide arrays of products wherein they also have a large presence. The community members who are also supporting The DAO Maker are the ones who are reputable in the side of marketing, fundraising, and other pipelines of skilled individuals so the project owners can see the value they could input in their project or help them boost their presence as well with respect to the increasing presence as well with the crypto influencers that are giving quality work for the project/client under The DAO Maker.

For prospective clients, if you are reading this post right now, you may go ahead and check their website to see their successfully integrated and partnered clients wherein it has shown massive growth in the past and successfully created a community of holders, buyers, and enthusiasts of their token or coin and the services they are into. Their clients made to be listed in top exchanges and retained the volume of their holders and users of their services as well wherein their main mission is whatever it is. Examples are LTO Network, Elrond, and Open Predict tokens.

Alright, let us get into the meat of our discussion content for DAO Maker. This will be juicy and will make you excited because I do myself get excited as to how innovative they are for the crypto community.

The DAO MAKER's Products and competitive advantages for both the community and clients

Are you ready? Here is the DAO Maker guardian and if you are ready let us start.

1. Venture Bonds

---> What I will be telling you guys is mostly the summary of what I understand based on what I have read on the white paper of DAO Maker and I wanted to share it piece by piece about how it will give you an advantage over just investing 'alone' or researching by yourself. First up is the Venture bonds. This when we say venture bonds, is that you and other retail investors that have passed the KYC and other participants 'filtering' stage can and are going to pool your funds and then have the DAO Maker platform use it to buy stable coins that can be used by the platform to lend it to centralized finance (CeFi) or Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocols that are giving yield to the pooled funds in a stable and low risk to no-risk at all type of returns for the pooled funds of the investors.

By the way, the investors do have a choice if they would just like to have an interest in their stable coins by letting DAO Maker's lending service do the work. for 8-10% APY. However, if you wanted to have your interest on your deposit to buy the tokens from the client of DAO Maker, you may allow DAO Maker to have it buy the token equity aka the token issuer/project owner itself. This is no risk at all while you have a potential upside with your interest from the pooled fund share. Because if the project of the venture bond succeeds, you will be able to get your equity of tokens from the interest that you allow to be deployed by the DAO Maker going back to your account with the principal of your money. If the project after some time failed, you still own your principal capital back. Seeing the meticulousness and filtering of The DAO Maker team, I am confident that you will earn the principal back plus the equity tokens with a good amount of yield and x10 even x100 of the interest amount. Pretty good right?

2. Refundable Strong holders offering (rSHO)

---> Any project wants an investor that stays with them as they go past through the trying times of market cycles. Hence the word of this product. When we say rSHO, the KYC'd individuals and retail investors that passed the screening in checking their history of holding a token and not flipping/dumping it the moment they received it is a major factor in becoming eligible for the rSHO. This quality is what is needed by most projects as they are mostly financially stable and have the vision to hold it and believe in the projects that are being pipelined in the DAO Maker platform. Hence, the allocation will be with them.

The beauty of this one is that once you invest in this offering, you have an assurance that The DAO Maker platform will help and assure you of the safety of your funds and will give you back the refunds of your funds if ever the project that is being incubated does not meet the certain milestone for a certain deadline of a project. This pressure lets the project owners be more aggressive to deliver the said milestones and pass the criteria of investors to not pullback their funds and have the token equity that they deserve.

3. Dynamic Coin Offering (DYCO)

Credit image: Dao Maker white paper page 23

---> If you haven't been qualified for rSHO because you are a trader or flipper, no worries! You will be able to invest here in DYCO. With this type of offering, anyone that still passed a KYC and other filters of the DAO Maker platform even not a strong holder will be able to participate in the token sales! And will have the benefit as well of getting the refunds that rSHO have. For more of the DYCO benefits, you may check the table above. The custody of the funds and team's funds will be with DAO Maker with its decentralized custody. You may check the video of DYCO here as explained by one of DYCO team member: DYCO video

4. Social Mining

---> Alright, next will be the favorite part of retail investors like me. Social mining! This is where you as a retail investor can buy a specific amount of tokens required by the project owners to hold in your wallet/stake in your own wallet while you are doing specific tasks being asked by the project owners/moderators to bootstrap the publicity and start the community kickstart quickly. Those who are promoting the platform will get what we call 'workdrops' for holding and buying the tokens while doing the tasks and get rewarded with more tokens from the project. I have a warning for those who are trying to game social mining. Do not attempt to do it because you could be banned and have your rewards get invalid. Be social and do your best with the tasks. That is how the DAO Maker started it and wanted it to have it stay like that.

5. dTeams

---> This is another version of social mining if I may say. With the innovative side, This is like the Decentralized Autonomous Organization aka D.A.O part of social mining. Here is where a project can set up teams that are delegated for specific tasks. Giving them the focus and leaders for a specific geo-location to promote in their locality, setup meetings face-to-face if they like and have socialization with each other. Aside from that, with dTeams, it is easier to track the payments made to global ambassadors and their reports to the platform project. This is micro-management at its finest!

6. Yield Shield

---> With the expansion of liquidity mining, most of us wanted to have yields without putting our liquidity tokens in a smart contract. Because 1st, the smart contract risks are always there, second is that high gas fees every approving and staking makes it slash our profit in our yields. That's where Yield Shield comes in. This is a platform wherein the DAO Maker developed to continuously scan all addresses that are holding liquidity tokens in their wallet by the second, minutes, hours, days, and months and record what is due for them after the liquidity mining program stops. No more stress for holders and other people taking risks for smart contract interaction when staking.

Thank you so much guys for checking out my views and explanation as to why The DAO Maker platform is a win-win for both retail and big boy investors as well as for projects that want to have the promotion and recognition for the work they had. For more information, you may check their website and different social media channels. You may also check their white paper and other documentation below as I link them.

DAO MAKER's Bigtime Team






White paper:

Economics paper:




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