Lending Platform Update (And Some Other Cool Stuff…!)

It’s been a short while since our last update, so here’s a quick one on the progress of our development of the Lending Platform, as well as something *really* damn awesome.

We are currently in the final stages of development on our Lending Platform – woo!

Over the rest of the coming week, we will be testing for bugs extensively, dialling in the front end UX/UI to make it pretty and smooth to use, and having a third-party audit of it all to ensure it is safe and secure for all of our valued supporters, investors and Unifamily.

We will initially start with three coins to supply and borrow from, and add more as we grow – mostly managed on a ‘community consensus’ basis; the coins you most want, you will most likely get.

We’re very excited about this next step for UNIFI DeFi, and we plan to have really handsome yield rewards in UNIFI DeFi tokens for people using the platform.

Our Lending Platform is due to launch in the coming couple of weeks – we’ll drop exact timing as soon as possible!

This brings us another step closer to our ultimate vision for UNIFI DeFi, hosting a full suite of tools and services for our users to engage with in the crypto and DeFi world, everything all in one place and easy to use and navigate, eventually leading up to our Nitrex Platform and Nitrous Layer. It all starts here!

And, to pull from the Apple playbook:


Oh, and one more thing…

Alongside this, we also have something else we will be looking to release, hopefully within the next month or so (we are working on something that has not been executed in this fashion ever before in crypto or DeFi).

Just know that this new unannounced feature/service is aimed at building up our project and onboarding further adoption, while also bringing value to our supporters. We will release much more detailed, intricate information on this super cool thing soon. We’re just as eager as you guys to speak more about this!

As always, we hope you’re all having a wonderful week – we cannot wait to get all of this live and in your hands!

Stay tuned with UNIFI DeFi for more explainer articles on everything to do with crypto and DeFi – it’s a new and exciting world out there, and we’re so pumped to have our awesome Unifamily on this journey alongside us.


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