Get DeFi rich in 3 steps: Pancakeswap, Uniswap,

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Now let's get started!

It's easy to get rich in DeFi. New money flows in every other day, and there are programs literally created to make you rich in existence.

Stuff like yield farming has no obvious benefit for the creators of the project, but has all the benefit for the users.

So here's a few steps from me to you on how to get DeFi rich. Let's go!

  • Don't buy presales: Seriously. Just don't do it. The pattern of presales is almost guaranteed: Big dump, then big pump. Instead, wait for the presale buyers to sell their holdings completely, and then pick up cheap undervalued tokens. Easy as pie!
  • Find a trusted source of passive income: LPing, yield farming, they're all great sources. But be careful, especially with LPing. You can get hit fast with impermanent loss, and then it makes no sense
  •  Trading bots: I have first hand experience with these ones. Personally used a few bots that absolutely sucked and consistently lost money. That's why I created mine, which had a 5000% month, which you can get right now! TL;DR: Get a decent bot. It can literally have you made for life.

That's it! Following those steps can potentially make you DeFi rich. Thanks for reading!

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