Chapter 4: The Wild Wild West of NFTs (Profit Edition)

I've noticed that the older you get, the heavier money ends up weighing in your hands.In some cases, it becomes the end in itself, as a way to accomplish some ends.I think finding the balance between the two is vital towards healthy money management.There is more to lose or gain the more you risk.So, take the rest of this post with some smoked paprika, a pinch of salt, and your thinking caps on cause I'm about to share with you my favorite crypto investments.The following is me shilling for a project that I really like, and which I have also invested in, so bear that in mind as well!

"Doki Doki Finance"

Doki Doki Home

This project is one if not the most ambitious NFT project that I've ever seen.It is so complex that when I saw it a few weeks ago, I thought, yeah, that's what I thought, too complex.I should have done my due diligence back then cause, the next time I saw it about a week later, it was on OPENSEA with their NFTs selling at good volumes.I especially love their art style, which is displayed in the above picture.That's what brought me back to take a second-look at their project.They created a NFT Gacha machine which lets you get a randomly chosen NFT before you purchase the machine.The western equivalent would be opening a lootbox with a chance of getting a super rare NFT inside in this case.They have developed smart contracts for three different cryptocurrencies.$Doki & $Azuki are their bread and butter that you can use to stake for more $Azuki.The only way to get exclusive Doki GACHA machines is with Doki Azuki, and some even use Ethereum.I like how they partner-up with different artists to make new gacha machines to roll.All of that, is something I plan to invest in in the future.It's their third coin that has the most potential in my mind for short and/or long term gains.Doki Doki’s latest coin is called $BND.This coin is available to mint for 3 weeks, the hard cap being however much is bought by the end of the sale.We will use this coin to make a unique Gacha machine that will distribute NFTs with burnable Ethe within half the day.The more ambitious a project is, the more wary you should be.Are they able to walk the talk?From what I've seen, they're running.

It's been just under a week since $BND has launched and they've already minted $7.7million dollars worth of coin.Here's a picture when I wrote this.

BND Minted

This coin works on a bonding curve where there will be three key variable price increases.A rise of 2500 ETH is the first instance of the increase, and the highest is 5 000 ETH.So, for anyone that wants to invest, you're still early to get a good deal.Please make sure to read their website for more information.You can mint some $BND on their official website right here: <3

Total $BND Invested (.62Eth): & 

"Synergy of Serra"

The next project is a crypto game that I believe will overthrow the current behemoth of "God's Unchained" in the near future.No rewrites were foundTheir art is simply breathtaking and reminds me of a time when I use to play "Legacy of a Thousand Suns" for those who might remember that flash game. 

Cutie Pie

They want to revolutionize the card game industry beyond just another crypto game by changing up the game theory itself.The company aims to revolutionize online card games by changing the game theory.The player who buys the most cards is equal to one who buys none.An individual who purchases the most cards is as good as an individual who acquires none.Well, every round will have you battle by making a deck between yours and your opponents.During each round, you will make a deck and challenge your opponents.I'm here to help fledging crypto investors make good investments.Here I am to help new crypto investors make good investments.These are on the Matic network, so you won't be paying any crazy minting fees. You'll also have the option to flip them on can also flip them on'll earn "Alpha Fame" correlating to the amount of crates you own versus everyone else.You'll gain Alpha Fame based on the amount of crates you own compared to the rest of the world.The only way to get it once Alpha's over is to win it in tournaments.There is only one way to get it after Alpha's over, which is to win it in tournaments.Buy some crates here: <3 Crate opening is planned to happen later this year.

Total invested: ~$3,000


"The Crypto Buds"

This project is for all you music lovers out there.Buy some crates at information to come soonThe Crypto BudsThis project is for all you music lovers out there.

Crypto Buds

They've had over 2,000 buds minted since they've launched about 1-2 months ago.About 1-2 months ago they launched and over 2,000 buds were minted.I recommend buying one or two if you're interested as it's a long term investment compared to the others listed above.I recommend you purchase one or two if you are interested since it is a more long term investment than the others listed.I'm a firm believer that this project will succeed, but I still have to throw caution to the wind for any future investors as I want everyone to win.The project has great potential for success, but I intend to err on the conservative side for any future investors since I hope everyone comes out on top.Buying in bulk will also get you free buds if you dm the creator beforehand.

Total invested: +$3k 


S.N: Here's my Student Coin referral code if you're planning on investing into that lol but this is actually the investment that I feel the worst about as it feels like a Ponzi Scheme, but yah if you're planning to then whynot: (1ETH) ~50million invested in their ICO so far.

Remember to diversify your portfolio!A cool freebie you get if you DM the creator is getting free buds. Total invested to date: $3k S.N: If you're interested in connecting with me, here's my Student Coin referral code.( ?If you have nine lives, you can't be killed!?°)

Will be creating a new blog soon going more in-depth into other crypto projects, the one's above included.

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Take Care!Thank you for reading! A new blog will be created soon to go in-depth into other crypto projects, including the ones above.

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