☃️Building on 2.0 with eth2SNOW and SharedStake partnership☃️


?? Eth2 Swaps: vETH2 by Sharedstake, aETH by ANKR, CRETH2 by CREAM, and stETH by Lido

?? Eth2 Pool incentivized with $SNOW and $SGT

?? Snow holders get SharedStake Airdrop

?? Additional Partnerships will be announced with other projects

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?? Eth2 staking on Snowswap

Introducing eth2SNOW, a token that combines the best of four of the premier eth 2 staking services. Included in this pool will be vETH2 by Sharedstake, aETH by ANKR, CRETH2 by CREAM, and stETH by Lido. Our goal is to incentivize Eth2 adoption via creating new markets and utility by the ability to swap between these 4 assets with low slippage. eth2SNOW will create value for its holders in several ways:

????? Creates an off-ramp for CRETH2 and stETH

??? Alleviates minimum ETH entry required for aETH

????? Allows low slippage swaps for the highest APY %

??? Allows liquidity providers to earn SNOW and SGT

??SharedStake Partnership

We are proud to announce a new partnership with SharedStake. SharedStake will incentivize the eth2SNOW staking pool along with Snowswap. Liquidity providers will be able to earn both SNOW and SGT, the governance token of the SharedStake platform.

More details coming soon, in the meantime, you can learn more about ETH 2.0 staking with SharedStake from their recent blog post.

??SGT Airdrop

As an added bonus, users who deposit at least .5 ETH with SharedStake and hold at least 10 SNOW will be eligible to receive a portion of a 30,000 SGT airdrop. This will be the first and only airdrop for SGT. The first 5000 SGT of the airdrop will be divided equally and the remaining 25,000 will be distributed linearly according to the amount of ETH staked.

For more details regarding the snapshot date for the airdrop and join us on Discord to get all the latest updates or share any thoughts/ideas.

(More partnerships will be revealed in the near future :)

But who cares? ??