Blockchain Game Splinterlands Introduces Scalper And Bot Protection For Its Chaos Legion Update

Blockchain games are gaining tremendous momentum globally. Splinterlands is the most played blockchain game at this time. As the team launches its latest card pack, dubbed Chaos legion, they also introduce a fair distribution system to thwart scalpers and bots.

The Ongoing Success of Splinterlands

Various blockchain gaming genres exist on the market today, some of which tend to retain users more easily than others. SPLINTERLANDS positions itself as the leading trading card game on blockchain technology. Thousands of players collect cards and battle with others globally every day, confirming the appeal of this game genre. 

As a community-built and player-funded blockchain game supporting free-to-play and play-to-earn models through NFTs, the developers continue to update the game accordingly. Every update makes Splinterlands a better game, although introducing new packs can create some community dismay. 

The blockchain gaming industry is rife with bots and scalpers looking to jump on every new release before anyone else can. It is very problematic behavior, although a solution is never far off. Splinterlands' team will use a unique voucher-based distribution system to ensure fair distribution and equal access for all. 

Chaos Legion Update Details

The upcoming Chaos Legion update will span 15 million packs, each of which has five random cards. One card is guaranteed rare or better. Every pack is priced at $4 through the Splinterlands shop, higher than the previous sets. 

In addition, the voucher system - through the VOUCHER token - introduces a practical limit. A total of 33,333.33 tokens are created daily and awarded to all players staking SPS tokens. VOUCHER can be transferred, traded, and purchased through a third-party market, but every Chaos legion purchase requires spending one token. 

The team has confirmed the VOUCHER system will likely remain in place after the Chaos Legion pre-sale ends. That means users will still need the token to purchase Chaos Legion packs after the set is released. Doing so will ensure the set's cards don't flood the secondary market right away, causing prices to tank. Moreover, it prevents bots from acquiring packs and prevents scalpers who do not stake SPS from participating. It is a welcome change that solves a few concerns and issues without too much friction. 

The team mulls using VOUCHER tokens to help players unlock additional future benefits in the game. Which benefits that may be, will be communicated through the official Splinterlands social channels. Additionally, players can keep earning tokens by staking SPS tokens. Another option includes using liquidity pools and other sources, although nothing has been made official yet. 

A Change To Earning Opportunities

In a recent blog post, the Splinterlands team acknowledges a pressing matter. Users can acquire the Summoner's Spellbook and earn disproportional rewards. Such a situation is detrimental to the long-term survival of the game and the people working on it. Therefore, several changes have been introduced to ensure rewards align with the number of in-game assets a player holds.

Changes affect DEC rewards for ranked battles and loot chest rewards for Bronze/Novice league. The team's primary objective is to ensure players keep progressing through Splinterlands and keep collecting in-game items to expand their collection and become more powerful. However, farming the initial phase of the game and earning big rewards automatically is, from a long-term perspective, not ideal for players and developers.