Aiming for the moon and hitting the stars by crossing 5,000 LEO Power

I have been preparing for this day for quite some time and I have gathered a good amount of LEO tokens to stake today 28th of January 2021. The source for these funds were from daily posting and commenting, mining and some bounties from delegated @leo.voter account. Let's see a snapshot before the new staking when my account was holding at 4,503.266 LP.

As I have received the rewards from posts and commenting, I have succeeded to gather 500.103 LEO tokens and my next move is to go ahead and stake them, thus reaching 5,003.369 LEO Power. This proves that anyone that puts the work, persistence, posting, commenting and just being involved in the community can do great things in this ecosystem. This represents at the moment 50.03% from my total goal of 10,000 LEO. The account valuation at this point is of $2,292.93 having as reference a LEO price of $0.45. In the same time my ranking within the LEO community members improved from 139 to 131 (just 8 places up), which is motivating me more to continue on the chosen path.

My goal is that once a week to stake more LEO tokens and keep you posted on a regular basis. In the beginning things will move slower, but once my power increases I will be able to earn something more also from curation. I like viewing New posts on the community so that should be my first channel for curation. And so it continues my journey to reaching 10k LEO staked until middle of the 2021 year...let's see if I can make it. Lately my inspiration and motivation were not so high, but I have a plan to put those in motion and try to have a more consistent and constant posting. Sometimes I feel I touched all the experiences I am involved in, but I can do periodic updates and also try to expand my horizons. Nevertheless a great path until here and probably greater things to come here on Leo Finance community!

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