$50 Ethereum Gas Fee


Ethereum network is congested there is plenty of gas but the road is tight, and to go through first need to pay more - very nice for a network that suppose to be cheap to use globally.

I bet not many people expected the price of gas to remain so high for so long and to be honest I didn't expect that either.

I have expected the price to go down at some point but so far the price of gas remains very high. Those with huge capital might not feel it but for the average person who bought their coins before the run it is like being stuck in corona lock down.

Many people not selling their shitcoins, because it is just not worth loosing money plus paying extra to do so. Giving a favour to a miner? I bet ya!

It is just loose-loose situation, the worst possible combination!

Even hitting a jackpot on a lottery has better odds than selling your coins for loose-loose event.

So what can we do?

Just wait for the Loopring L2 solution. In the meantime go relax, cleanup your room, or do something productive, because there are still some days or maybe even weeks before we can continue using Etherum at lower gas prices.